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Spreading positivity through 
skateboarding while inspiring those we influence to live healthier and more positive lives and becoming an active part in giving back to their community.

The LS Movement was originally founded by Vince Papa in 2012 at the age of 15 as "Legalize Skateboarding Co." Legalize Skateboarding Co. was an attempt to raise awareness for skateboarders and send the message that skateboarding was not a crime. By trying to create a more positive view of skateboarders, Vince decided to use this as an outlet to give back to the skate community. Legalize Skateboarding Co. was soon just shortened to LS, then the LS Movement once the positivity gained momentum. 

The LS Movement has since been called the "Let's Skate" Movement occasionally to spread skateboarding to younger generations by donating used skateboards to underprivileged children and through working with another skate charity, Boards for Bros. Vince has more recently been getting the company involved in causes such as wildlife conservation, building and funding of skate parks and programs, and is open to suggestions of new causes. 

Portions of proceeds from each sale go to one of these causes.

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